Bodybuilding challenge 2018

2018, Day 2 (74.5kg)

I woke up with a splitting headache. I got to the end of yesterday and had only consumed 1400kcals, which is far too little for someone whose Total Daily Energy Expenditure is 2200kcals (on a day with no exercise); I was also hungry and knew that I would be focusing on that when trying to get to sleep, so I had a very light snack of 15gr oats, 5 gr pumpkin seeds and 50ml almond milk to tide me over.


Today I have been able to plan my meals a little better. I slept through my alarm this morning and felt like I had actually slept better/deeper than I usually do. I had 2 yoga classes at 9am and 11am, so by the time I got back home for lunch I was quite hungry – I usually have emergency snacks in my bag but for some reason had none with me today.


As with yesterday, I experienced a mid-afternoon hunger pang, despite having 2 rounds of afternoon snacks. I was really hungry by dinner time so I downed a glass of psyllium husks in water to fill my stomach whilst waiting for dinner to cook. It also helps that it is good for the digestive system.



I went to bed feeling hungry again, but, I just need to get used to it. I have had enough macros. My body is just getting used to eating less after consuming a lot over the Christmas and New Year period.

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