Bodybuilding challenge 2018

2018, Day 3 (73.1kg)


I woke up with a splitting headache and hungry again. My morning smoothie usually lasts 3 hours but it was gone in 30 minutes today. I Googled what may be causing my headaches (I assume my blood sugar may be quite low) and according to the internet I have a brain tumour or another host of terrible diseases. Great… I am putting it down to low blood sugar. Sugar is as addictive as some drugs, so my body might also simply be going through withdrawals and a detox, especially after rich food during the Christmas period.

I am quite surprised that I have lost so much weight. With any rapid weight loss like that, it is most likely water and glycogen in the muscles, as opposed to fat loss. Once I am back at the gym I will be able to do a body scan and use a Boditrax machine that will give me a breakdown of my muscle mass and body fat.

It’s only day 3 and I am finding it a little hard as I had my headache the entire day, as well as lots of hunger pangs. I had 6 small meals throughout the day and again drank some psyllium husks when I was two seconds away from stealing an ice-cream from a child.

I went out for lunch and it was quite easy to find a healthy option: grilled squid (which is naturally low in fat/carbs and high in protein), boiled veg, salad and white rice.

I am finding that it is important to have a little something to look forward to during the day – my treat today was some rice pudding. Once I have got used to this new way of eating, I am going to change my macros so that I can have 1 cheat meal during the week. That used to work very well for me before I started this same journey in 2015. It is when I moved to having a little treat everyday that I was on the slippery slope of having a little piece of chocolate or spoonful of ice-cream and then eating the whole bar/tub. I find it easier to compartmentalise and have a clean diet the entire week and then have 1 cheat meal.

I spent some time this evening prepping my food for my trip back to London. I never eat plane food, but as I am macro-counting now, I can’t dip into a packet of cashew nuts and dried mango, as I did on the way here. I have a portion of protein powder, a protein bar, blueberries, dried apple, dried pear and pumpkin seeds.

I will be having my first proper training session tomorrow afternoon, and I can’t wait! I have missed training these past 2 weeks, but my body has also welcomed the break as I was training and working a lot. My body and mind are refreshed and ready to go tomorrow!

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