Bodybuilding challenge 2018

2018, Day 4 (72.9kg)

I woke up at the crack of dawn as my flight was at 8am. I had my breakfast smoothie and had my airplane snacks with me. I was quite hungry at 9am and was surprised that a protein bar was actually enough for me. When I landed I had a protein shake and blueberries, and then that was pretty much it for healthy or nutritious food as I had nothing in the fridge and had to go straight to work. I snacked on 2 protein truffles and 3 chocolate covered rice cakes as that was all I had in my locker. My body was literally screaming for a salad for dinner when I got home at 10pm.


I had my first training session this afternoon and it was shocking. It was more than just not having trained properly for 10 days. My energy levels were incredibly low. I was out of breath and struggling to lift even just an unloaded bar.



What did lift my energy, however, was training my clients. I love my job and I love my clients, so the positivity bounced off me and made me enjoy my afternoon and evening, despite being really hungry.

I did my Boditrax. I’m not too pleased with the results, but that’s the whole reason for doing this!

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