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Do you ever feel like you could benefit from a detox after a period of over-indulgence? Do you feel your body screaming for some time-off from a busy lifestyle of unhealthy food and too much drinking? Do you need a kick-start to help you change your diet to be healthier?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then, look no further than one of my EmmaHealthCleanse® smoothie plans. These easy-to-make, nutritious and delicious smoothie plans will provide your body with the break that it needs whilst ensuring that you get enough macro-nutrients throughout the day to remain healthy and allow your body still to have enough energy to function. Whether this is after an indulgent weekend, or a period of months, one of my plans will be able to help.

When I started putting these plans together, one of my priotities was to ensure that they were nutritionally balanced. I have done many juice and smoothie plans in the past, and one of the biggest issues I have had, is that there has not been a macro-nutrient balance: a lot of them are simply blended fruit, blended nuts, they are high in fat, sugar and therefore calories, they have little to no protein, and can leave people wondering why they have put weight on after 5 days or feel lethargic as opposed to energized, or suffer from cravings. An excess of carb and sugar consumption can create a hormonal imbalance which triggers cravings. Doing a juice detox also means that you will have less energy to move around, therefore, if you have an excess of carbs in your system that you don’t burn during the day, this will turn to fat.

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