Kate B, London

“In recent years I had let a hectic work schedule and subsequent laziness in the evenings get the better of my health and fitness. Not being a fan of gyms, I wasn’t particularly motivated to drag my sorry self into one and shame myself on a treadmill, so I decided I’d probably do better with a personal trainer who would encourage me but more importantly push me not to give up when things got hard. I chose Emma as she has a great balance of being a life coach, personal trainer and could also advise on nutrition. Basically, she is everything you need in one person to help you get the results you want!  
I have been training with her for a few weeks now and she is always infectiously upbeat and happy (even on those morning where you are determined to stay in your bad mood!). She’s really encouraging and knows how to push you just enough to keep you motivated but not feeling bullied. She constantly changes up the exercises to ensure you don’t get bored and you will always leave her sessions feeling like you have pushed yourself and are nearer to your goal.  
I would not hesitate in recommending Emma”