“I have been recovering from a car accident in 2014, I had many difficulties after. I was very fit before, and after it happened I had to learn to walk again and had very severe balance issues. When I started with Emma I felt like I could just listen to her as I knew what she was suggesting was very beneficial. She has really helped me overcome challenges and is still helping. She is so lovely and easy to talk to, I highly recommend her to anyone, especially people with similar difficulties.” Rosie M, London

“In recent years I had let a hectic work schedule and subsequent laziness in the evenings get the better of my health and fitness. Not being a fan of gyms, I wasn’t particularly motivated to drag my sorry self into one and shame myself on a treadmill, so I decided I’d probably do better with a personal trainer who would encourage me but more importantly push me not to give up when things got hard. I chose Emma as she has a great balance of being a life coach, personal trainer and could also advise on nutrition. Basically, she is everything you need in one person to help you get the results you want!  
I have been training with her for a few weeks now and she is always infectiously upbeat and happy (even on those morning where you are determined to stay in your bad mood!). She’s really encouraging and knows how to push you just enough to keep you motivated but not feeling bullied. She constantly changes up the exercises to ensure you don’t get bored and you will always leave her sessions feeling like you have pushed yourself and are nearer to your goal.  
I would not hesitate in recommending Emma” Kate B, London

“Emma was an absolute star for me. I had just had an operation on my knee as I had a meniscus tear. We sat down and she listened to my story and what I wanted from my training. She put a plan in place to rehabilitate the strength in my knee whilst getting me back to the fitness level I was at pre-op. The sessions were varied, fun and most importantly effective. Emma is a brilliant personal trainer but she was more than that and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting get/stay fit and healthy.” Richard B, London

“Emma is a fantastic PT, but also now a fantastic friend. Emma built out a plan, specific to my target and helped me build on this each session. The nutritional guidance was also very important to me as it’s where I had been going wrong. She pushed me each session, but we also laughed our way through it. Thank you for everything Emma! X” Emily S, London

“Emma listens, really listens and delivers. I went to Emma when I was told by the medics I was at risk of osteoporosis (I’m in my late 40s). She tailored my sessions to strength based exercises, packed with variety, great advice, a good ear and made it fun, and challenging too. Results were better than expected. My next bone density scan was that of a woman in her early 30s! I toned up and lost weight in the process too. I would definitely recommend Emma and only wish she still trained in London! ” Vicky H, London

“Hands down the best trainer ever! Emma really understands what her clients want out of their sessions and genuinely cares about helping us achieve our goals. Emma’s fun and friendly energy makes training an enjoyable experience where you just keep going back for more!” Grace L, London

“Emma is always super enthusiastic and she always manages to get my energy levels up even on my slowest days! For a lot of the time I have worked with Emma I have had a leg injury and she has worked with my physio to ensure the programme we do fits in with my rehab. Our training sessions are always great fun and when I’m not working hard I’m giggling!” Jo R, London

“Emma has helped me great deal in achieving and maintaining my fitness in an easy and enjoyable way. Her friendly and consistent approach makes you feel you enjoy the whole process while achieving great results. Thank you Emma” Duygu E, London

“Emma was the best personal trainer I’ve ever had with her I was able to lose 30 kg and felt amazing she was so supportive along the way even when I had my bad days. Emma really takes her her personal training seriously and always custom makes workouts so it’s never the same thing week in week, Emma thank you for all that you’ve done :)” Habib N, London

“Emma’s training sessions always motivating, informative and gets great results. She has helped me with an ongoing shoulder injury which improved considerably after each session, thank you Emma!” Rebecca F, London

“I had strong hip pain early in pregnancy and was recommended by physiotherapist to strengthen core muscles. I took regular personal training sessions with Emma and they made a huge difference. I also enjoyed her approach and how positive and upbeat she is. She is also very knowledgeable and shared a lot of tips on pregnancy excersize, things you should do and avoid. It was always fun to go to her sessions and I would highly recommend her.” Albina S, London

“Emma is a great PT. I really enjoyed our sessions as she is positive, motivating and knowledgable. Emma always made the sessions varied and fun!” Alison B, London

“Emma helped me get back into exercise after having my second baby. She took the time to understand my needs and where I wanted to get to and helped me gain strength again in a sustainable way. Emma really knows her stuff but makes you feel completely at ease – I would definitely recommend as someone who will help you reach your fitness goals (whatever they are), while having fun! xxx” Jess M, London

“Emma has helped me gain better strength and posture by focusing on undoing my deskbound bad habits! She creates varied programmes using a variety of different equipment in the gym which helps to keep you guessing what to expect in your next PT session. This has helps to keep motivation and freshness to the PT sessions.” Paul H, London

“Working with Emma comes with fierce dedication and hard work, but she has the balance because her passion and cheer infiltrates each session – making the whole experience enjoyable. If you are looking for a PT who will really look after YOU then I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Good luck in Ireland Emma, they are lucky to have you !!” Alex T, London

“Emma is an excellent trainer. She strikes the right balance between enthusiasm and discipline to help you achieve your goals. I used her to build upperbody strength and to get fit after an injury. She devised a carefully thought-through program with a mix of gym-based work and at-home exercises which I could follow easily inbetween our sessions. Always professional, enthusiastic, punctual and great fun, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Emma as someone who will help you to achieve your goals.” Farida S, London

“Emma is an effective yet patient personal trainer. She understood my goals and created a training plan that suited me at the time” Julia B, London

“I trained with Emma at home, at the gym and then during lockdown via zoom. She worked with me to help strengthen and support my knee and also to prepare for a tournament. Emma is a fantastic supportive trainer who pushed me further than I thought I could go whilst always working with me around any injury concerns or niggles I had. She gave me confidence to get back in the gym!” Rebecca Q, London

“I had a few sessions with Emma at a time when there was much turbulence and change in my life. It would’ve been hard work for anyone to make sense of my life – let alone coach me. But, Emma, true to form came up trumps. She was an emotional rock and made sense of my chaos. Sometimes it isn’t about what people tell you to do, it is actually more about creating a space for you to find your own path with someone supporting you all the way. For me, that was Emma’s greatest strength. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.” Charlotte H, London

“I had a couple of personal coaching sessions with Emma to help me work out what I wanted from my career. Emma is very personable and professional and it was very easy to open up and talk to her. She listened intently, asked questions to delve deeper into my situation and helped me to come up with action points to take away with me. I highly recommend Emma if you have a problem that you’d like professional help with.” Kirsty B, London

“After just one coaching session with Emma I felt much lighter and ready to tackle the changes in my life I need to make. Through her calm and considered approach, she helped me identify the steps I needed to take to adjust my career path and take it in a direction I feel happier with. I’d definitely recommend Emma as a coach.” Sara M, London

“Emma has been coaching my daughter Rosie after she suffered a serious accident and was struggling with her confidence and her physical challenges . In just 3 months Emma has made the most amazing difference to Rosie’s recovery in so many ways. Emma is a wonderfully committed professional who exudes so much kindness and infectious enthusiasm. I would , without hesitation, recommend her.” Sally-Ann M, London